Paying too much for your medications?
Save an average of 50% on your family's prescriptions 

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  Looking for a discount drug card to save money on your meds?
  The prescription discount card will save you an average of 50% on your prescriptions.  

  A pharmacy discount drug card with prescription savings for your entire family!

  The Pharmacy Discount Card is FREE and can be used for any prescription you receive from your doctor.

  The prescription discount card can be used for all your family members. Save on your prescriptions every month! It includes refill      pharmacy prescriptions so you can use it over & over. It covers FDA approved prescriptions and is honored at over 50,000 pharmacies. 

It doesn’t matter if you have insurance or not. There are no restrictions. It’s as simple as printing your Rx discount card and bringing it to your pharmacist. Show the pharmacist the discount card and receive immediate savings! 

  • Having trouble paying for your latest refill?
  • Frustrated by a health plan that doesn’t cover your med costs?
  • Stuck in the Medicare Part D Donut Hole?
  • Looking for ways to save on your family’s rising medical prices?

Gaining access to a quality pharmacy prescription card is needed today.

Based on feedback we receive from our cardholders, it’s crucial in today’s economy.

Imagine walking into your pharmacy the next time your doctor hands you a prescription and getting an instant discount.

Imagine getting these savings with NO prior authorization.

      With the Pharmacy Discount Card, there is:

  • No enrollment
  • No filling out an application
  • No waiting to be “approved”
  • No need to disclose your income
  • No worrying about deductibles
  • No hoping you won't be denied
  • No thinking about expiration dates

Our Prescription Discount Card:

  • Is Free
  • Is pre-activated & ready to use
  • Requires no paperwork
  • Has no expiration date
  • Gives you a discount on new prescriptions & on refills
  • Provides discounts if your insurance doesn't cover your medication
  • Benefits can be used by your entire family over & over
  • Discounts on Brand & Generics

You can use your free drug card at over 50,000 pharmacies across the United States.

"I have insurance but the medication I am prescribed is not covered. I was told the script would cost $75.00. The RxFamilyDiscount Card was then presented and the cost came to $36.00. We saved almost $40 bucks by using this card. Enough said! Please make sure that everyone is aware of this great card. You may be helping out someone who really needs this info."
- Tom, Texas

   Does Insurance Not Cover Your Med?  
      Use The Rx Family Discount Card!

So if you have insurance but the medication you're prescribed by your doctor isn't covered, we provide discounts.

It doesn’t matter if you have health insurance or not. While you can’t use our RxFamilyDiscount Card with your health plan, it gives you peace of mind.

If your plan covers your prescription in the most cost effective manner then you can go that route. If you find that the discount prescription card  provides you more savings than your co-pay, then leave your insurance card in your pocket! 

Of course, this card can be used for someone without insurance. Any time you're reaching in your wallet to pay cash for your Rx, this card will give you instant savings!

Just show the pharmacist the prescription savings card along with your prescription from your doctor and discounts are automatically applied! It's that easy!

Our discount drug card isn’t a member's club or insurance. It’s simply a free card that gives you presription savings averaging 50%! You can use it over & over. Save on refill pharmacy prescriptions monthly! It's a great way to receive discounts on your prescription medications.

You can also give the card away as a free prescription gift card. Use it as a stocking stuffer, give it as a holiday gift or for that someone special on their birthday!

Looking for a discount prescription drug plan? Looking for drug discount coupons? Look no further.... use the Pharmacy Discount Card.

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